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Midwest Conservatory of Music students are well prepared for music competitions. Students have attended:

  • Geneva Granquist Music Competition
  • DePaul Concerto Festival For Young Performers
  • Sejong Music Competition
  • Walgreens National Concerto Competition
  • IMEA (All State & District), Honors Orchestra

Congratulations, folks!

Midwest Conservatory of Music
The 1st Annual Concerto Competition
January 27, 2013

Monetary Prize Winners

1st Place: Hannah Lin (Viotti Violin Concerto No. 22)

2nd Places: Takanori Iida (Beethoven Violin Concerto), Bianca Saputra (Lalo Symphonie espagnole)

Honorable Mention: Ella Saputra (Bach Violin Concerto No. 1)

Solo with MPO Winners

Hannah Lin
Takanori Iida

Result for Sejong Music Competition 2012:

Violin Primary Division
1st Place Winner Ella Saputra
Student of Taka Matsunaga
Best Interpretation of Korean Piece Ella Saputra
Student of Taka Matsunaga

Results for Granquist Music Competition 2011:

Olympic Class
2nd Place Winners 2 Students
3rd Place Winner 1 Student

Concert Class
1st Place Winners 9 Students
2nd Place Winners 8 Students
3rd Place Winner 1 Student